Alcatraz Tickets Often Sell Out

Alcatraz Tour Tickets sell fast in summer and around holidays.  People are often vying to getting them even at inflated prices.  Always ensure you are dealing either directly with Alcatraz Cruises or one of its Authorized Partners like us before purchasing a ticket.

Additionally, tickets are PERSONAL.  This means that your name or the name of an authorized Alcatraz Cruises Partner will be displayed on the ticket.  I.D’s are checked at retrieving of the tickets, and again against the tickets before boarding.  So, if you purchased a ticket from an individual reseller, the name on the ticket and the name on your I.D. won’t match.  You lost your money.

Warning signs of an Alcatraz Ticket Scam

  • No Physical address for the seller. All Authorized Alcatraz Partners MUST HAVE a brick and mortar location.  They must be an actual business with license, etc.
  • No Phone Number for the seller. No Contact Name. Impossible to reach on the phone…
  • Fancy website but again, no physical address, no contact name, no phone number.  All in the clouds…
  • Seller will “meet somewhere” to sell his tickets. He will take your cash while providing you with fake or unusable tickets.
  • Seller will pretend to be us or any other authorized seller to get your credit card number.  Always purchase directly from our website.  We never ask for a credit card number.

Be safe, only purchase your tickets from Alcatraz Cruises or one of its Authorized Partners.

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